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           英  语  试  题       2018.06
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第一部分: 听力(共两节,满分10分)	
Where is the man?
A. In the street.    B. In a hospital.    C. At a hotel
What do you think of the woman’s holiday?
A. It was very adventurous.    B. It was very exciting.    C. It wasn’t very enjoyable.
Where are the speakers getting off?
A. At the cinema.      B. At the school.    C. At the bookstore.
How much is the gold necklace now?
A. $2,000     B. $2,250.    C. $2,500
What’s the relationship between the two speakers?
A. Husband and wife.    B. Boss and clerk.    C. Mother and son.
听下面一段对话,回答第6和第7 两个小题。
What are the speakers talking about?
A. Parking cars.     B. Making friends.     C. Taking exercise.
What’s the result of the accident?
A. The man was hurt.     
B. The man found a spot to park,     
C. The man drove his car and left.
When did the woman go to New York?
A. Last Tuesday.     B. Last Thursday.     C. Last night.
What did the woman mainly do in New York?
A. She visited some friends.    B. She traveled around.    C. She did business.
Where did the loud noise come from?
A. The kitchen.      B. The bedroom.     C. The living room. 
What did the thief look like?
A. He was very tall.     B. He had black hair.    C. He had a round face.
What did the thief steal from the woman?
A. A blue shirt.      B. All the food.      C. The refrigerator.
What’s the probable relationship between the speakers?
A. Friends.      B. Father and son.     C. Salesman and customer.
What’s wrong with the man’s computer?
A. It doesn’t work now.     B. It runs slowly.     C. It is too expensive.
Why doesn’t the man buy a new one?
A. He is too busy.      B. He doesn’t need one.     C. He hasn’t money.
What will happen if the man throws the laptop out of the window?
He will take it to a computer shop.     
It will hurt someone outside.
He will need to buy a new one.
When did Sara Smith get married?
A. When she was 23 years old.     B. In 1992.     C. When she was 30 years old.
How far is it to the department store from Sara’s home?
A. Ten  miles.     B. Two miles.    C. One mile.
How much did Sara Smith save on the toaster?
A.  29.95 dollars.     B. 39.95 dollars.     C. 10 dollars.
What did Sara Smith buy these goods for?
A. For a camp.       B. For their breakfast.      C. For a party.
Summer is approaching and the following books can accompany you during the hot season.
♦ And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner
    Image Source: Penguin Random House
    The smell of fresh-cut grass, the coldness of ice cream on your tongue and the sound of crickets (蟋蟀) at night join together. This romantic feast for senses is as much a celebration of the season as it is a summer bucket list! Attractive illustrations (插图) and descriptive text warm your heart and inspire play like never before.
Available from Amazon, $ 11.28
♦ Three Little Words by Amy Novesky
   Image Source:
   Disney Press
   Dory’s “Just keep swimming!” message of perseverance is perfect for anyone who has ever felt like they were drowning. Follow Dory into an unforgettable adventure as she finds her way in this beautiful watercolor adventure of friendship and survival.
   Available from Amazon, $ 12.06
♦ There Might be Lobsters by Carolyn CrimiImage Source: Penguin Random House
   Meet Suki. She’s a small dog with a big fear of the beach. When a rescue is in order, Suki saves the day, proving that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. As a quite possibly perfect picture book for anxious kids fearful to try new experiences, this timeless treasure opens the door to calming dialogues and messages of bravery and victory.
   Available from Amazon, $ 11.84
♦ Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall
   Image Source: Penguin Random House
   You know that feeling when you’re as excited as you are scared to make a leap? That’s how Jabari feels about his first jump off the diving board. He knows how to swim. He knows jumping off surely looks fun. But does he have what it takes to take a try? With some gentle encouragement from his loving father, Jabari jumps.Available from Amazon, $ 11.26
21.What can you enjoy in the book And Then Comes Summer?A.The beauty of beach.B.The joy of summer.C.The loveliness of a dog.D.The pleasure of swimming.22.What do There Might be Lobsters and Jabari Jumps have in common?A.They are sold at the same price.B.Their characters do the same sport.C.They can be bought in different websites.D.Their characters succeed in overcoming fear.23.Which book describes the experience of exploring the undersea?A.And Then Comes Summer.B.There Might be Lobsters.C.Three Little Words.D.Jabari Jumps.
    One evening last summer, when I asked my 14-year-old son, Ray, for help with dinner, his response shocked me. “What’s a colander (漏勺)?” he asked.
    I could only blame myself. In the family, nobody else helped me in the kitchen. But that night, as I explained with a touch of panic that a colander is the thing with holes in it, I wondered what else I hadn’t prepared Ray for.
   As parents, while we focus on our sons’ confidence and character, we perhaps don’t always consider that we are also raising someone’s future roommates, boyfriends, husbands, or fathers. I wanted to know that I’d raised a boy who would never ask the woman in his life, “What’s for dinner?” So I came up with a plan: I would offer Ray a private home course. I was delighted to find that he didn’t say no. For two hours, three days a week, Ray was all mine.
    I knew that he would rather have been playing in the driveway than learning to mend socks with his mother----he tried to beg not to have sewing lessons, even though I insisted that one day, someone would find the sight of him fixing his own shirt very attractive, but it couldn’t be denied that he was learning, and more than just housekeeping. “I appreciate what you do as a mom,” he told me one day. Ray now understands the finer points of cooking, and more importantly, he realizes there’s nothing good about being helpless.
    Now, not only can he make his own dinner, but also he can make a big meal for his family. That’s what I call a man. I’m glad that I prepared so great a present for my future daughter-in-law.
Why was the author shocked at her son’s response?A.Because he was not well behaved.B.Because he refused to help with dinner.C.Because he was very curious about kitchen tools.D.Because he didn’t know the common kitchen tools.25.In the author’s opinion, some parents pay little attention to_______ .A.making children live a hard life.B.preparing children for their future lifeC.telling kids what is right and wrongD.building up children’s confidence26.After learning to do housework, Ray______ .A.fell in love with sewing.B.did other work in the house.C.acknowledged his mother’s efforts.D.began to be more hard-working.27.What would be the best title for the text?A.Useful education for boys.B.Boys should be involved in housework.C.The importance of housework.D.Cooking and sewing make boys manly.
Starting the day on an egg could keep your blood pressure under control, research suggests. Scientists have shown that eggs produce proteins with a function similar to that of powerful blood pressure-lowering drugs.
    The research, from the University of Alberta in Canada, showed that when eggs conic in contact with stomach enzymes (酶) they produce a protein that acts in the same way as Ace inhibitors, but more work is needed to show the effects outside a lab and in the human body.
    Earlier this month, British researchers declared that, contrary to popular beliefs, it is healthy to go to work on an egg. They concluded that the type of cholesterol (胆固醇) found in eggs has little effect on increasing heart disease risks.
    Researcher Professor Bruce Griffin, from the University of Surrey, said, “The wrong beliefs linking egg eating to high blood cholesterol and heart disease must be corrected. The amount of fat in our diet has an effect on blood cholesterol that is several times greater than the relatively small amounts of cholesterol found in eggs. The UK public do not need to be limiting the number of eggs they eat. They can be encouraged to include them in a healthy diet as they are one of nature’s most nutritious foods.”
    The British Heart Foundation dropped its three-egg-a-week limit long ago. However, almost half of Britons believe the limit still applies.
28.From the text we know that Ace inhibitors are       .A.a kind of proteinB.a kind of foodC.a kind of medicineD.a kind of illness29.According to what Professor Bruce said, eggs       .A.are the most nutritious foodB.can be included in a healthy dietC.have no effect on blood cholesterolD.are forbidden to be eaten in the UK30.We can infer from the text that       .A.stomach enzymes mixed with eggs can cure heart diseasesB.drugs to lower blood pressure will be replaced by eating eggsC.most Britons agree the three-egg-a-week limit should be droppedD.about 50% of Britons think eating an egg a day is bad for their health31.The text is meant       .A.to introduce a medicine made from eggsB.to introduce scientific findings about eggsC.to tell people how to lower their blood pressureD.to advise people to eat as many eggs as possible
 Americans are worried about new technology. They are concerned that machines, ncluding robots, will take over work now done by humans. These findings come from a new report by the Pew Research Center of Washington DC.
    About 75 percent of Americans questioned by Pew said automation will increase income inequality between the rich and the middle class and the poor. And 64 percent of people expect automation to be so common in America that people will face difficulty finding things to do with their lives.
    Some of the concerns about technology come from a distrust about whether machines will always make the right decision. Many Americans believe humans have better judgment in dealing with complex matters. One example is selecting a person for a job. Three quarters of Americans said they would not want to apply for a job that uses a computer program to choose the most qualified person.
    Most Americans want the government to limit automation, For example, 87 percent support a requirement that all driverless vehicles have a human in the driver seat who can take control when needed. And 85 percent want to limit machines to mostly doing jobs that are dangerous or unhealthy for humans. And only 25 percent expect more jobs to come from automation. Pew said,
    Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, spoke last May to graduating seniors from Harvard University in Massachusetts, His talk centered on the uncertain future facing young people. “Our generation will have to deal with tens of millions of jobs replaced by automation like self-driving cars and trucks,” Zuckerberg told the graduates,
    Zuckerberg said young people will have to find projects that will bring both jobs and direct benefits to the people of the world. He said in his speech that 300,000 people worked to put a man on the moon, and millions of people built, the Hoover Dam as well as other great projects over the last 100 years.
32. What do Americans think of technology?A.Useful.B.EffectiveC.DangerousD.Undependable
33.Which of the following do the majority of Americans want the government to do?A.Use machines to do dangerous and harmful jobs.B.Increase job chances by introducing machinesC.Select a person for a job by computer.D.Get rid of all driverless vehicles.34.What did Zuckerberg encourage the students to do?A.Refuse self-driving vehicles.B.Create new job chances.C.Consider large projects.D.Fight against robots.35.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?A.New Technology Creates More JobsB.New Technology Makes New UnfairnessC.Americans Worry Machines Will Take JobsD.Robots Make Work Easy to Do for Workers.
第二节 七选五
How to Feel Beautiful to the Inside
     Public opinion may have some say in who is considered “beautiful” on the outside, but inner beauty takes on a whole other meaning. _____36_____. Learn what beauty means to you and have the confidence to live by your own rules starting today.
     Ask yourself what beauty means to you. How do you define(定义)inner beauty? Is it a person who is always smiling? Someone who has kind words for everyone he meets? Or, is your definition of beauty more complex? _____37_____. Take a pen and a notebook and write down some words that help you describe inner beauty.
     Have confidence in who you are. In addition to stressing your character strengths, you can apply other ways to feel more confident. _____38_____. This can be anything from making music to playing sports. Doing things you are good at builds self-respect.
     Smile and laugh more. _____39_____, just arranging your face into a smiling expression can thoroughly change your mood. Smiles can lead to a more positive mood and a more hopeful attitude. It can not only make you feel beautiful inside, but also improve your outer beauty.
     _____40_____. A reliable method of developing your own inner beauty is adopting the habit of seeing the beauty in everything. All around you, there are amazing people, places and things. Make an effort to slow down and acknowledge these daily.
A. Notice the beauty around you.
B. When you want to get feelings of confidence.
C. Even if you don’t quite feel up to it at the moment.
D. Besides, you should try to laugh as much as possible.
E. Take a moment to reflect on what beauty means to you.
F. It has more to do with your character than your appearance.
G. Frequently take party in activities in which you perform well.
    For as long as she can remember, Katie Giguere wanted to be a singer. But she didn’t tell anyone her dream, because she     41     it would never come true because she thought she was     42     while 99 percent of the people in music are good-looking by the world’s     43    . Katie’s weight didn’t only affect her dream to sing. Her low self-respect made her avoid drawing attention to herself.
    One night, a family friend came over to visit Katie’s parents and brought two friends who’d worked in the music industry. Katie was     44     to learn they’d worked with singer Stevie Wonder. During their conversation, her dad     45    , “You know, my daughter Katie     46     in church.” One of the guests, Bonita, was very interested in this. Bonita asked Katie: “Do you     47      about singing professionally?” For the first time, Katie told     48     her dream — but quickly added that it would     49     happen. Bonita     50     Katie’s doubts and asked her to sing.
    After Katie sang, Bonita explained that she was starting a     51     to work with high school students who were     52     various tough life issues. She’d been     53     a young artist to start the program with, and she     54     Katie was that artist.
    Just months later, Katie was in L.A. recording some sample songs for a CD. Bonita once     55     Katie to a birthday party for Stevie Wonder’s son and played Katie’s song for everyone — including Stevie. When the song     56    , Stevie said, “You have a beautiful song, and a beautiful voice. You needn’t be     57     with a voice like that.”
    As Katie began to realize how many people     58     her singing, her thinking changed. She says, “I couldn’t see my     59     because I was caught up only in what was on the outside. I was denying my gift because of things I didn’t like about myself.” Now she has nothing to     60    . She believes in herself and becomes a best known film star and singer in America.
41.A.doubted    	B.expected    		C.intended    		D.figured42.A.overweight    	B.funny    			C.silly    			D.ugly43.A.words    		B.standards    		C.goals    			D.ranges44.A.surprised    	B.regretted    		C.disappointed    	D.excited45.A.reported    	B.mentioned    		C.replied    			D.announced46.A.sings    		B.studies    		C.works    			D.lives47.A.talk    			B.care    			C.dream    			D.set48.A.someone    	B.nobody    		C.everyone    		D.anyone49.A.always    		B.quickly    			C.never    			D.sometimes50.A.noticed   	 	B.understood    	C.considered   	 	D.ignored51.A.concert  	  	B.target    			C.program    		D.company52.A.making up    	B.dealing with    	C.finding out    		D.putting off53.A.seeking   	 	B.forcing   			C.reminding    		D.ordering54.A.hoped    		B.promised   		C.knew    			D.believed55.A.sent    		B.invited    			C.got    			D.led56.A.ended    		B.spread    			C.rose    			D.composed57.A.content   	 	B.happy    			C.sad    			D.shy58.A.used    		B.supported    		C.approached    	D.practiced59.A.success   	 	B.wisdom    		C.potential    		D.voice60.A.fear    		B.complain    		C.explain    		D.solve  
第 写作(满分50分)
语篇型语法填空 (共15小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)
   The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday observed in China in honor of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan. The festival _____61_____(occur) on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar. Activities range from racing dragon boats, eating Zongzi to _____62_____(drink) Hsiunghuang wine ____63______ celebration of the festival.
    A dragon boat is a human-powered boat that is traditionally made of wood to various designs and sizes. They usually have _____64_____(bright) decorated designs that range from forty to one hundred feet in _____65_____(long). The boat can hold up to 80 rowers ____66_____(power) the boat, depending on the size. A sacred ceremony ____67______(perform) before any competition in order to “bring the boat to life” by painting the eyes.
    People have Zongzi, a rice ball with a filling and wrapped in bamboo leaves and salted eggs. It is said that if you can balance a raw egg on ____68______(it) end at exactly noon on Double Fifth Day, the rest of the year will be lucky. Besides, People follow other customs like hanging some herbals on the front door, pasting up pictures of Chung Kuei for preventing evil and bringing peace. ____69______ is commonly practiced in Taiwan is “fetching noon water”, in which people draw well water on the afternoon of the festival in _____70_____ belief that it will cure all illnesses.
注意:1. 每句不超过两个错误;
      2. 每处错误及其修改均只限一词;
      3. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。
Once a man asked a painter to painting a picture for him. He told the artist he didn't want to any shadows in the picture, just sunshine, but the artist did so. When the man saw the finished picture, he was disappointing. Without shadows, everything in the picture looks flat and unreal. The point of the story is that we need both shadows and sunshine to have a completely picture, just as we need both rain and sun to have living world. People, too, needs both sadness and happiness. We often learn important lesson during sad times. So when we feel sad, we should try to stop and think about that we might learn from the experience.
最近,著名主持人董卿发起了《朗读者》训练营活动,掀起了一股全民读书热潮。学校决定也借此机会鼓励同学们开展读书周(Reading Week)活动。假如你是学生会主席李华,为配合学校的这次活动,你打算倡议同学们多读书,读好书。根据以下提示给同学们写封倡议信。
注意: 1.词数120左右;
Dear friends,
I’m Li Hua, president of the Students’Union.   __________________               
Li Hua
高二答案听力 1-5 CCABB   6-10 ABBCA    11-15 BBABC     16-20 BACCB
F; E; G; C; A
完型填空  41-45 DABDB   46-50 ACACD   51-55 CBADB   56-60 ADBCA
语法填空:occurs;   62. drinking;   63. in;   64. brightly;    65 length; 
to power;  67. is performed;   68. its;   69. What;    70. the
短文改错 答案:    Once a man asked a painter to  a picture for him. He told the artist he didn't want to any shadows in the picture, just sunshine,  the artist did so. When the man saw the finished picture, he was . Without shadows, everything in the picture  flat and unreal. The point of the story is that we need both shadows and sunshine to have a  picture, just as we need both rain and sun to have  living world. People, too,  both sadness and happiness. We often learn important  during sad times. So when we feel sad, we should try to stop and think about  we might learn from the experience.
Dear friends,
    I’m Li Hua, president of the Students’ Union.
    I’m writing to appeal to you to do some reading.
    Reading Week is launched to promote more reading from us students. As is known to all, reading is of much benefit to us in many ways. Above all, reading is a perfect way to spend our spare time. Meanwhile, reading broadens our horizons and enriches our life as well. Apart from these, reading allows us to learn from great minds and live a better life.
    Here are some tips on how to do some reading. First, it is advised that we form a good habit of reading. Second, we can change books with our friends , which can adds more pleasure to both . Besides, we can exchange our opinions about books we read with others , making it easier to start a conversation while chatting.
    Make reading part of our life, and it will definitely return your favor. Let’s do it!
Li Hua

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